Five weeks since Bitmaker Labs

It’s been five weeks since my demo day at Bitmaker Labs. The next cohort is already over halfway completed their program, exactly where we were in the beginning of February – sorting out the details of a restaurant booking engine and making reservations over and over again our fictional Sushi Hut restaurant to test it out. Techraking Toronto Since finishing I’ve attended Techraking Toronto – a two-day event put on by the Centre for Investigative Reporting and Google in an effort to advance digital and data-driven journalism. There were panel discussion on journalism, demonstrations of Google products that can be … Continue reading Five weeks since Bitmaker Labs

Public-private partnerships for public transit

The Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation is something unheard of in North America – the profitable public transit operator. In 2012, the MTRC published a tidy two billion US dollar profit. The Atlantic summed up their model thusly: In exchange for transporting customers, the transit agency receives a cut of the mall’s profit, signs a co-ownership agreement, or accepts a percentage of property development fees. In many cases, the MTR owns the entire mall itself. The Hong Kong metro essentially functions as part of a vertically integrated business that, through a “rail plus property” model,  controls both the means of transit … Continue reading Public-private partnerships for public transit

Rebranding the flu vaccine

“It is estimated that in a given year an average of 12,200 hospitalizations related to influenza may occur; and that approximately 3,500 deaths attributable to influenza occur annually.” “All Canadians are encouraged to get vaccinated against the flu to protect themselves and their families as vaccination is the best protection available against flu.” – Public Health Agency of Canada Every year public health authorities exhort the public to get the flu vaccine, and every year they fret about why so few people actually get it. An Environics survey for the federal government pegged the rate at 37% in 2006 for … Continue reading Rebranding the flu vaccine