Written test!

Since I had ignored everyone’s advice on taking the written test before the flight test, I was in the awkward position of having told everyone that I’d passed my flight test but that I still didn’t have my licence. After explaining this situation to three or four people I started to get a bit embarrassed and resolved to get the written test done. Although Transport Canada does provide a private pilot written test study guide online, it’s pretty vague and still leaves you with the task of hunting through source material. Instead I bought the 2013 Private Pilot Exam Guide … Continue reading Written test!


The other day a friend asked me if I could fly through clouds. The short answer is no. It is in fact illegal for me to even get within 500 feet vertically of a cloud, and 1 mile horizontally. In the air a solid layer looks like thick grey cotton candy. Clouds obscure vision. If you can’t see the ground you can’t tell which way is up without the help of a gyroscope (The artificial horizon). To fly safely and legally with these instruments in clouds you need another 40 hours of training, at least. What is flying in clouds … Continue reading Clouds