Chrysler Town & Country rental review

Perhaps in a some universe, I own a Chrysler Town & Country for occasional trips to Canadian Tire, hauling offspring, catching Cheerios, and perhaps a nip over to Linen Chest for a bit of room spray and throw pillows for when company is over.

In this universe, I rented a grey 13 000 km example to haul a bunch of stuff 500 kms down the freeway without resorting to U-Haul.

Things I liked:

  • Leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Punchy engine (Didn’t look at fuel economy though)
  • Backup camera (Useful when you can’t actually see out the back)
  • High mount shift lever
  • Super console 
  • Stow and go is pretty trick

Things I didn’t like

  • Liberal application of cheesy plasti-chrome 
  • Analogue clock pieced together from left over plasti-chrome does a very poor job of exuding class
  • Flimsy overhead console with questionable latches on the overhead bins
  • Uncomfortable driver seat (For 500 km anyway, I am 6’0″)
  • Key fob remote had finicky buttons that worked sometimes
  • Unintuitive infotainment (Is there not one UX designer that works on satellite radios / can we all not just acquiesce to Apply CarPlay / stick to dumb radios?)
  • Seems weird to put the “close tailgate” button in a spot where you have to stand in the path of the tailgate to press it, although I’m sure there’s some kind of safety sensor that I didn’t test

The bones of the car are nice. Stow and go was awesome. Engine was punchy. But you get all those things in a Dodge Grand Caravan Crew (Why they just can’t call it a “Caravan” is beyond me) for $5000 less and without suffering plasti-chrome lies. Use the $5000 to help your kids with tuition, they’ll need it. 


One thought on “Chrysler Town & Country rental review

  1. Someone needs to instigate a Royal Commission on automobile stereo user interfaces. It’s as though we’re the subject of some mass experiment by evil scientists. It’s disquieting.

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